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4-7 June 2024

Expo Santa Fe Mexico, CDMX

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Every two years, EXPO PACK Mexico brings together packaging and processing solutions suppliers and end users from more than 40 vertical markets. Exhibitors launch new products, showcase their latest innovations and help their customers resolve challenges.  Held at Expo Santa fe at Ciudad de México from June 4th to June 7th, it will transform Mexico in a global hub for the packaging Industry. 

You will experience machinery in action, find the solutions you need to grow your business and increase your production capacity. You will find sustainable materials and solutions in a constantly changing market. Also, you will be able to participate in daily keynote sessions and free training to expand your industry knowledge and stay ahead of the competition.

Visit EXPO PACK Mexico and discover the top solutions and equipment on the move, exchange ideas between professionals from different industries and expand your networking network.

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Discover the most innovative Spanish companies at EXPO PACK Mexico 2024

FILLERS for any type of liquid (corrosive, abrasive, foam, etc). CAPPERS for any kind of cap (screw-on, press-on, trigger or dosing pump, pilfreproof, twist-off, etc.), MONOBLOCKS for simultaneous filling, pluggind, capping, etc. AUTOMATIC FEEDING SYSTEMS for Containers, Caps, Trigger Pumps.

Stand 1144

DIFMAQ ROURE are experts in labelling solutions for rigid containers, packaging equipment for solids, powder, liquid, pasty, and ROURE roasters for coffee, cocoa and nuts. The company offers customised solutions to ensure the success of their customers. With more than 2000 machines installed in more than 60 countries, DIFMAQ ROURE is committed to innovation and excellence in every project.

Stand 1152

Manufacturers of machinery for artificial vision inspection systems or sensors for quality control for the beverage, food, pharmaceutical, packaging and glass industries.

Stand 1050

Dosing machines for liquid, viscous and foamy products. Thermosealing machines with the possibility of vacuum sealing and inert gas. Push on or screw cap fitters. Paperboard covering machine. Wrap-Around. Pasteurizators.

Stand 1158

Elocom is a pioneer in bagging and palletizing techniques in Spain and one of the main ones in Europe.

Stand 1344

Since its inception in the 70s, Guerola has been providing quality products and services for its customers, being today one of the most important companies in the formulation and manufacture of special waxes and hot melt adhesives.

Stand 1352

Manufacturers of packaging systems for the end of the line. They are leaders in Spain in the Stretch Hood wrapping system, and specialists in other wrapping, strapping and transport systems.

Stand 1058

Automatic machines for erecting and gluing one piece boxes principally for fruit and vegetables. Closing machines.

Stand 1358

Silos, storage tanks and hoppers. Ingredient intake systems for Bags, Big-Bags, tank truck, etc. Pneumatic conveying systems: by pressure, vacuum, dense phase, etc. Sifting, metal separation, grinding, pulverizing. Macro and micro ingredient dosing.

Stand 1054

SynchroGroup is an international benchmark in the world of packaging, specialized in offering automatic wrapping solutions, thanks to the integration of SynchroFEED automatic feeding systems with SynchroPACK horizontal flowpack machines.

Stand 1146

TAVIL has 2 production sites of 102.000 m2, and specializes in the construction of machinery and multiformat automatic lines for packing, palletizing and handling. TAVIL designs, develops and produces customized solutions and turnkey projects worldwide.

Stand 1042

Tedelta specializes in Capping Systems for all industries. They are constantly improving their equipment through their research and development department to offer production plants and packaging companies the most advanced, reliable and cost effective capping systems.

Stand 1250

TMI manufactures complete bagging lines: from the dosing of the finished product to the protection of the load. We supply bagging machines, palletizers and stretch-wrapping systems that suit your needs.

Stand 1258

Manufacturers of High-Resolution Inkjet Printers, Print & Apply Labeling Systems, Thermal Inkjet Systems, Consumables, and Software Solutions.

Stand 1242

VIBROFLOORS specializes in the manufacture and realization of turnkey flooring systems, in order to achieve the maximum satisfaction of the end user.

Stand 1246

Why Spanish Packaging Solutions?

Spanish companies that manufacture packaging and packaging technology have competitive advantages that position them as the ideal supplier.

They develop equipment with cutting-edge technology with the aim of optimizing the productivity of their clients and all of them have highly specialized and committed professionals who will work together with their team to develop the most efficient and sustainable long-term solution for each project.


Custom manufacturing and flexibility, adapting the equipment to the specific needs of each customer.


The constant commitment to innovation in key areas such as digitization, efficiency and sustainability results in state-of-the-art equipment.


The commitment to rigorous European quality standards guarantees the reliability and safety of the equipment.


Highly internationalized companies, with a wide presence in the most competitive and demanding markets in the world.


Diversification of the client sector with the ability to meet the demands of a wide range of industrial sectors: food and beverages, pharmacy, cosmetics, chemicals, among others.


Close relationship and personalized treatment as key elements that strengthen the client’s trust and satisfaction.

amec envasgraf

amec envasgraf represents the Spanish packaging machinery sector, gathering manufacturers of a wide variety of technologies, solutions, and accessories. The Association has an outstanding role in the international promotion of the sector, helping manufacturers to open new international markets and to boost their competitiveness.


We create spaces for collaboration between industries and knowledge transfer, we accompany our members to successfully face the great challenges of sustainability and adaptation to changes, and we work to influence and give them visibility in the international scene.


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