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MOVITEC WRAPPING SYSTEMS, S.L.U. is a Spanish company manufacturer of high quality and reliable automatic pallet stretch ring wrapping machines for end-of-line and picking processes.




MOVITEC, which has a very experienced, dynamic, innovative and highly specialized staff, is a company totally designed with the customer in mind, using the best technology currently available. In Movitec, we are dedicated not just to sales, but also to creating a long-term relationship with, and commitment to, every customer.


MOVITEC aims to cover both qualitative and productive demands of today’s markets, by providing the most advanced automatic wrappers generation: The SATURN S range.


After an extensive experience in packaging lines, we focused our efforts on the design, manufacture and supply of automatic pallet stretch ring wrapper for palletized loads.


The main COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES of our machines are:

  • Excellent welding, that guarantees the lack of film tails, thanks to our proven system. It consists basically of:
    • Parallel welding clamps that seal the full width of film with constant and uniform pressure by means a double pneumatic cylinder.
    • Automatic control and regulation of welding time, depending on temperature on the clamps.
    • Double welding wire.
  • Reduced consumption of plastic film: 11 gr. per turn (4000 mm perimeter, 23 micron).
  • Electronic and auto-adjustable control of the strain against the load, depending on the perimeter profile. Guaranteed optimal Results, thanks to conductor rails, that allow power supply, signal current and data transmission, from the beginning in a constant and fast way, without interruptions or interferences.
  • Ease-of-use communication interface between worker and machine and simplicity for maintenance work.
  • Commercial components from leading brands: SIEMENS PLC and touchscreen, SEW motors and frequency inverters, FESTO pneumatics, etc…
  • Reduced installed electric power output in comparison with our competitors: 3 Kw (Saturn S2).


Our machines provide you the best solutions and the most proper quality to protect your loads, to assure their stability and to guarantee the best presentation of your product.



SATURN S2.png            SATURN S4.png


SATURN S6.png                 SATURN S8.png

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SATURN S4.JPG                SATURN S4.JPG  SATURN S6.JPG                 SATURN S8.JPG

From MOVITEC we provide you with the complete turnkey solution in the end-of-the-line:

  • Automatic pallet stretch wrappers.
  • Integration with palletization and labelling.
  • Systems of transport and accumulation of pallets.
  • Integration with automatic warehouses.
  • Programming and control.
  • Integration with existing lines

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