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Cartobol stands as a distinguished leader in the realm of Bag-in-Box packaging and engineering, specializing in crafting innovative liquid packaging machinery. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and precision, our company excels in this field. Our influence extends beyond machinery – we offer a comprehensive global solution by providing top-tier bags, boxes, and pouches that seamlessly integrate into a holistic production process.


With over four decades of industry experience, we have cultivated a wealth of expertise that sets us apart. Our remarkable global presence spans more than 70 countries, leaving an indelible mark on the liquid packaging landscape across the world.


Our machinery boasts remarkable versatility, adeptly filling an extensive array of liquid products. From essential consumables like water, milk, and edible oil to gourmet delights like hummus, mayonnaise, and diverse pastes, our technology caters to a wide range of requirements. Moreover, our ingenuity extends to other sectors, embracing substances as diverse as chemicals, detergents and fertilizers.


Cartobol specializes in eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for the packaging industry. The Bag-in-Box is a prime example. This method offers an environmentally conscious and carbon-efficient alternative. BIB ensures product freshness by protecting it from air and light until consumption. It maintains product quality even after opening, thanks to its air-excluding system.


We are introducing a four-head rotary filling machine for packaging Bag in Box. This is an innovation in the market that will allow us to achieve much higher filling productivity compared to the usual methods. Currently, automatic filling machines are filling at a rate of about 13-15 containers per minute, and with this new development, we can achieve a productivity of up to 25 containers per minute. Bag in Box packaging is becoming increasingly popular in Arab countries for sauces, vegetable oils, and dairy products. We believe that this innovation will resonate well with the attendees of the conference.



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