ABC Compressors Unveils Innovative Solutions at NPE PLASTICS SHOW Exhibition


ABC Compressors, a global leader in compressed air and gas solutions, is proud to announce its latest groundbreaking developments at the upcoming NPE Plastics show exhibition. With a relentless commitment to energy efficiency, reliability, and innovation, ABC Compressors has introduced two game-changing products that are reshaping the industry landscape. These innovations are set to revolutionize the beverage sector, offering sustainable and cost-effective solutions to meet the growing demands of the market.





1. HORIZON SYNCHRO: The Future of PET Synchronous Compressors

At the forefront of ABC Compressors’ latest achievements is the HORIZON SYNCHRO range. This innovative line of compressors represents a significant leap forward in the beverage industry, offering a host of advantages that redefine efficiency and performance at high-speed lines.

Key Features of HORIZON SYNCHRO:

  • Permanent Magnet Motor: The HORIZON SYNCHRO range is equipped with a state-of-the-art permanent magnet motor, which boasts superior energy efficiency compared to conventional motors. This advanced technology not only reduces energy consumption but also minimizes maintenance costs.
  • Variable Speed Drive: With a variable speed drive, these compressors adapt to the specific needs of the application, resulting in precise control and significant energy savings. This capability ensures consistent output even under varying load conditions.
  • Compact Design: The HORIZON SYNCHRO compressors are more compact than their predecessors, allowing for space-saving installation. This streamlined design optimizes floor space in beverage production facilities, ensuring efficient use of available resources.
  • Improved Intercooling Process: ABC Compressors has enhanced the intercooling process in the HORIZON SYNCHRO range, which leads to better performance and extended equipment lifespan. This innovation guarantees high-quality compressed air and increased reliability.
  • Truly Digital Management: The range boasts state-of-the-art digital management systems that enable remote monitoring and control. Operators can track performance, receive real-time alerts, and optimize compressor operation for maximum efficiency.

If you are interested in seeing the HORIZON SYNCHRO in person, ABC Compressors will be exhibiting a unit in their booth S19106 at the bottle zone.


2. X-PET: The unique ALL-IN-ONE Containerized High-Pressure Compressor

ABC Compressors introduced its second groundbreaking product, the X-PET range, at the NPE Plastics show exhibition. Born from the technology utilized in its larger sibling, the HORIZON SYNCHRO, the X-PET caters to clients in the beverage and plastic bottling industries with lower-speed lines, yet still demanding clean, OIL-FREE air.

The X-PET series is the market’s first atmospheric compressor boasting OIL-FREE piston technology and pressures of up to 580 psig, all within a container ready to operate without the need for external cooling equipment, as it is air-cooled via a built-in fan. The air-cooled feature not only maximizes savings on water consumption but also on the energy required for water temperature regulation, having a double impact in the total cost of ownership.

Its compact design allows for installation in any corner of the production plant, eliminating the need for a separate compressor room. Moreover, being integrated within a container substantially reduces noise and facilitates easy relocation, as well as easing a smooth start-up process.

While incorporating the technology that has made the HORIZON SYNCHRO a benchmark in the compressed air industry, the X-PET also features a direct-coupled motor that eliminates losses associated with other transmission methods, a variable speed that adjusts compressor usage to match the plant’s requirements and a truly digital compressor that centralizes the whole operation from a single HMI point.

If you are interested in seeing the X-PET in person, ABC Compressors will be exhibiting 2 units that will be providing air to various AOKI Technical Laboratory lines at the bottle zone, booth S12071.



ABC Compressors’ latest innovations, the HORIZON SYNCHRO and X-PET ranges, represent a significant leap forward in compressed air solutions. These products address the growing demand for energy-efficient, reliable, and innovative solutions in the beverage industry. As a pioneer in the field, ABC Compressors continues to set new standards, providing customers with cutting-edge technology that not only meets but exceeds their expectations. Visit us at the NPE Plastics show exhibition, Bottle zone, Booth S19106, to witness these groundbreaking products firsthand and explore the future of compressed air solutions.



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