Main innovation
Their innovation began in not using, as it was traditionally, machines predestined to future customers but a specific laboratory for these new developments
Demand covered or opportunity created
The need to use new materials. The experience and knowledge of the machine interacting with different materials from Volpak has been crucial to offer this new service to its customers.
Innovation process
To develop the use of these new materials, VOLPAK created a laboratory with all the necessary equipment, both at the hardware and software level, to be able to measure all the processes that are carried out in all the formation of the container, and with this be able to deliver optimal results to clients.

This new project is called Pouch Lab.
On the one hand, there is the investment in equipment, such as the envelope-forming machine, as well as laboratory equipment, such as microscopes, dynamometers and the rest of the machinery necessary to check the container and how the material behaves.

On the other hand, the investment in personnel, in addition to expert personnel who know how this material behaves in the machine, how it reacts and how the different parameters have to be modified in order to obtain the optimal container.
The response from the market has been excellent. During the first year of Pouch Lab operations, the minimum occupancy has been 80%.
VOLPAK will continue working to increase the services of the Pouch Lab and thus be able to increase interaction with the end customer and with film manufacturers.





Volpak is a leading manufacturer of horizontal form-fill-seal solutions for the pouch-type packaging in a wide range of market applications, from consumer goods to chemicals and pharmaceutical products.


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