Main innovation
Sustainability: adopting technologies that make their machines capable to work with new and sustainable materials.

Digitalization: MESPACK Athena, their new digital platform which includes HMI, IoT, and artificial intelligence functionalities.
Demand covered or opportunity created
Sustainability: MESPACK customers, especially the premium brands, have made a public commitment towards more sustainable packaging solutions, so MESPACK needed to provide a solution to help them to adopt these new materials.

Digitalization: MESPACK Athena was developed to make the maintenance of the machines easier for the operators.
Innovation process
The sustainable challenge took 18 months. It involved listening to the customers, getting market insides, and exploring different strategies.

MESPACK Athena project lasted 1 year and involved a combination of our insourced resources as well as outsourced resources.
The results of the sustainable challenge have been immediately accepted and embraced by their customers. Not only for the new machines but also for upgrading the machines that they were already using.

MESPACK Athena: The project is still ongoing but MESPACK is already shipping machines with these digital functionalities. Athena is a platform where MESPACK can build a lot of features and functionalities demanded both by their own people and their customers.
MESPACK is adopting an open innovation methodology. This makes them be very attentive to any insight from the market (end consumer, customers, partners, technical service, agents or resellers). By listening to them, paying attention to new needs, MESPACK will easily find new areas to continue developing their machines and adopting new technologies.



MESPACK is a leading company supplying turnkey solutions for flexible packaging applications, basically stand-up pouches, flexible packaging like stick packs, and including end-of-line equipment.

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