Main innovation
A new solution for a sustainable world
Demand covered or opportunity created
EcoGiró is the brand through which Giró expresses its compromise with environment and sustainable development. As market leader in net packing solutions, Giró is focused in the research of environmental friendly materials and packing technologies to be applied to the fresh produce packing industry
Innovation process
Once the demand is detected, we start the innovation process. Usually, the innovation process is carried out by our R&D team. We have a large R&D team and engineering with more than 30 people working in that area.
An innovation process can last between 5 to 7 years if we are talking about a complete new development of a packaging system usually we are in this frame, 5 to 7 years.
We start with our own resources and after probably 3 to 4 years we launch a prototype. A prototype is tested into the market, usually one year, then this prototype is converted to a pre-series. We launch 2-3 units of pre-series that will be also tested into the market during a couple of years. And finally we launch the end product.



Giro is a family-owned company founded 1925. The origin of the company was textile but in 1950 they had the brilliant idea to use a mesh to be a packaging material. Since that moment the company is dedicated to packaging solutions for the fresh products business, for fruits and vegetables. They manufacture machinery and also they distribute consumables to pack the fruits into a mesh packaging.  <

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