Positive evolution for Spanish packaging machinery manufacturers
Mar 30 24

The year 2023 was generally positive for Spanish packaging machinery manufacturers. Despite global economic challenges and fluctuations in international markets, many Spanish manufacturers managed to maintain and even increase their exports. The sector continued to show its ability to adapt to market demands and satisfy customer needs both nationally and internationally.


Spain remained a relevant player in the global packaging machinery market, experiencing export growth of 15% compared to 2022. The United States has become the first destination market for exports in the sector. By geographical area, we highlight that Europe continues to represent 48% of exports, the United States and Canada 17%, Latin America 16% and Asia 9%. Spanish exports in this sector have been valued for their quality, reliability and competitiveness in terms of price.


During the year 2023, Spanish packaging machinery manufacturers have placed particular emphasis on technological innovation. They have focused on developing more efficient, automated and sustainable solutions to meet growing market demands. Digitalization, incorporating artificial intelligence and improving energy efficiency have been key areas of innovation. Additionally, there has been growing interest in implementing smart and personalized packaging technologies to improve customer experience and operational efficiency.

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