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Following the great success of the 2022 edition, the Technological Institute of Plastics (AIMPLAS), the  AMEC association, and the HISPAK Fair are once again organizing a series of free certified training seminars. Participants who attend at least two seminars, with one being the final session, will be awarded a training certificate.

Use of bioplastics in Packaging


Monday, April 22nd

10:00h -11:15h

Online webinar


Developments and applications of biodegradable materials for the packaging sector.

Alicia Naderpour, Packaging researcher


Regulations to evaluate biodegradation and compostability.

Giovanni Gadaleta, researcher at the Biodegradation and Compostability Laboratory

Food safety in Packaging


Tuesday, April 23rd

10:00h -11:15h

Online webinar


Challenges in food safety of plastic packaging: migration, NIAS, reuse, and microplastics.

Mamen Moreno, Food Contact Laboratory Researcher


Analytical tools: chromatographic techniques and bioassays for the study of NIAS and microplastics.

María Lorenzo, head of the Chromatography Laboratory

News and trends in Packaging


Thursday, May 9th

12:15h -13:45h

In person at Hipack 2024 show


Application of the circular economy in packaging.

Carmen Ramírez, Circular Economy researcher


Success stories based on R&D&i in packaging.

Nuria López, responsible for Food Packaging, and Rosa González, responsible for Non-Food Packaging

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