amec boost the promotion and internationalization of Hispack and Alimentaria Foodtech
Mar 17 21

Both exhibitions will be the first face-to-face call for their respective sectors in Europe after the start of the pandemic, processing and packaging sectors


Barcelona, ​​March 11, 2021. amec, the community of internationalized industrial companies, and Fira de Barcelona have ratified the collaboration agreement to give the maximum impulse in the promotion and internationalization of the Hispack and Alimentaria Foodtech shows, which will be held jointly from October 19 to 22 at the Gran Vía de Fira de Barcelona venue.


This has been recently agreed by the main executives of both institutions and of amec alimentec and amec envasgraf, the sectoral groupings of amec. Thanks to this collaboration, amec will work together with both exhibitions in the selection of key countries for the export of both packaging and food technology and equipment for the transformation and preservation of food and beverages, and will select a group of international buyers from the countries with greater purchasing potential such as southern Europe, Latin America, the Mediterranean basin and North Africa.


Both Hispack and Alimentaria FoodTech are a clear trade fair reference for the southern European markets, where a large part of their professional visitors come from. The platform formed by both fairs will be the first call for their respective sectors in Europe after the start of the pandemic. That is why Fira de Barcelona, ​​amec alimentecamec envasgraf and both fairs have agreed to combine their efforts to make it an unmissable event at a national and international level for both exhibitors and visitors. Proof of this is the meeting held by its main representatives at the amec headquarters, in order to join forces to ensure the success of both calls.


The double exhibition call will offer a complete vision of the life cycle of the food product, from the ingredient to the equipment and technologies for all phases of the manufacturing process, through packaging, logistics or its arrival at the point of sale. Likewise, Hispack will also show packaging, process and logistics solutions for the rest of the productive sectors. The synergies between the two shows are remarkable since the food industry is the main applicant in packaging solutions.


In addition to internationality, both exhibitions will promote innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability and the digital transformation of companies through their training and networking activities to contribute to the reactivation and economic growth of their industries.


In their last joint edition, in 2018, Hispack and Alimentaria FoodTech brought together nearly 1,100 direct exhibitors from 30 countries and more than 38,000 visitors, 10% of whom were of international origin.


Great expectation.


The groups amec alimentec and amec envasgraf represent the Spanish manufacturers of food processing technology, ingredients and packaging and bring together the main exhibiting companies in these shows. These companies are waiting with great expectation for both fairs, knowing that it will be an excellent opportunity to finally meet their clients in person and safely.


Many of these manufacturers are world leaders in their specialties and during the pandemic, as an essential service, they have continued to produce and provide service, making every effort to reach where it was always needed despite the difficulties. A commitment that characterizes this industry and that has been highly valued, since on many occasions it further strengthens the relationship between customer and supplier.

amec promotes the new key factors of competitiveness in companies.


amec alimentec and amec envasgraf are part of amec, the community of internationalized industrial companies. amec promotes new key competitive factors in companies in Spain: anticipation, adaptability, collaboration, glocalization and sustainability. The companies that are part of amec generate an export volume of more than 6,200 million euros, export on average 55.5% of their turnover and invest 4.7% in innovation.

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