5 rising trends in food packaging
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The container and packaging industry is vindicated. It has proven to be an essential and essential sector in the food supply chain during the pandemic and now, to face post-Covid challenges, it is dedicated to helping brands, manufacturers and retailers with its innovation. These are some of the rising trends that are marking the evolution of food and beverage packaging.


Sustainability and circularity

Innovation in packaging is a fundamental element in the food and beverage sector, which adds to its priorities responding to the demands of a more eco-conscious consumer and adapting to a legislative context framed in the paradigm of the circular economy. Brands and suppliers are committed to sustainable packaging. The lighter containers gain prominence; the search for alternatives to conventional plastic, such as biodegradable or compostable materials and paper and cardboard; as well as ecodesign focused on promoting recycling and reuse, in addition to improving the global circularity of the packaging system as a whole.


Digitization and connectivity

Food production enters industry 4.0 incorporating technologies such as IoT or cognitive computing (machine learning). The process and the packaging, as part of the chain, are also digitized and made smart. Automation, robotization, equipment connectivity, product traceability, real-time information are increasingly common concepts in packaging equipment, machinery and technology, processes and solutions for logistics.


The demand for personalized packaging brands is growing as an element of differentiation from the competition and an emotional connection with the consumer, adding value and improving the shopping experience. Ecommerce is also strongly joining the trend of personalizing packaging.
Technologies such as 3D printing packaging prototypes, as well as digital printing, open up enormous possibilities in this area. Likewise, the introduction of smart packaging functionalities helps to create unique packaging.

Simplicity and convenience

In design, minimalist packaging returns, easy to use anywhere, and that quickly facilitates purchase decisions. Clear, decipherable codes and labeling, readable fonts, ergonomic shapes, and eye-catching colors. Printing and finishing will also be key to connecting with the consumer and achieving packaging that stands out in the sales channel.

Protection and security

The health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has further highlighted the main role of packaging in protecting food products and consumer health. Hence, brands seek in their packaging to guarantee maximum food safety. Due to its properties in this sense, plastic containers occupy a large part of the food market and are increasingly designed according to circular economy criteria for recycling, correct waste management and reuse as raw material.

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